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French Style, French Style

Took some shots in Paris, mostly while walking around Paris Photo, the annual photography conference. I didn’t really know how to ask if I could take their photo in French which is why the shots are kind of awkward. I recommend listening “French Style” while you look through…

Surrender To Jonathan – Jonathan Richman

Bissous x



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Better Late Than Never

So yes, I’ve been slacking on the posts for the last couple months…but with good reason. I’ve been super busy with several different jobs and projects, but on the eve of Halloween Hangover Sunday (and after some prompting by music starved friends…you know who you are) I’ve decided to post some cool shit I’ve seen and some new music I recommend.

Hugs n Kisses


Fashion Week Fall ’09: Gilt Fuse/Refinery 29 Jammer w Of Montreal. I do believe these dancers were wearing Depends.

Spotted this jem in a Montreal junk shop

Wandering the city during Pop Montreal. A cool shop on Rue Saint Laurent.

Spotted at Fever Ray

The man, the legend- Mr. Ian Svenonius. On stage with his new band, Chain and the Gang

More cowbell!

Loft decor…this was made entirely out of beer bottle caps

Remember that amazing scene in Planet Earth with the Birds of Paradise…? Best costumes ever.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately…

Fever Ray- Fever Ray
Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife fame fronts this unique and strange electronic band. I wasn’t sold til I saw them play at Pop Montreal, where the closest I could come to describing it was “some post-apocalyptic sacraficial tribal shit.” It’s definitely a visual experience as much as aural, and I recommend seeing them live when they’re in town near you.

The Clues- Clues
Did you like the Unicorns back in the day? Me too.
Alden Penner, founding member of the now extinct Unicorns, has started Clues and released their debut album. Take a listen to “Ledmonton” and tell me you don’t like it.

Chain and the Gang- Down With Liberty, Up With Chains!
If you know the Make Up of any of Ian’s previous bands, you know the man has a good thing going. He’s been at this for a long time now, and continues to use music as a platform for social and political expression and commentary. I think he even has a song about healthcare on this album…A total icon of mine.

Of Montreal- Skeletal Lamping
Yeah, it’s been out for a while, but in case you haven’t listened yet this album is awesomely reminiscent of Queen. I didn’t like them until I heard Skeletal Lamping…definitely a departure from their indie-rock background. Check out “Wicked Wisdom” and “For our Elegant Caste.”

Islands- Vapours
Nick Diamonds & co return with Vapours- an awesome follow up to Arm’s Way, and a bit less gloomy and wounded sounding. I can say with confidence that I love every track, but “Tender Torture” and “Disarm the Car Bomb” are two of my favorites right now. And they’re playing at Bowery this Thursday…

Heavy drug users and admitted crack smokers, SALEM makes some dark, twisted, demented stuff (a “
crunkocalyptic death rattle” as Prefix describes it). But it’s terrifying in the best way possible. The video for Skullcrush is insanely creepy (below).

xx o

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Summer Jamz

I’ll make this simple and two the point: of all my favorite summer listening, these two bands top my list.

1) Phenomenal Handclap Band

Straight outta BK, this band of eight has created an amazing debut album. While it’s definitely a bit poppy, there’s a ton of soul, funk and disco influences that lend to their retro sound. Key tracks: “15 to 20”, “Baby”, and the long winded “Journey To Serra Da Estralla.” Each have very different sounds but as a whole this album is gold from start to finish.

Have a listen and if you love, come out to their show August 15th at the Brooklyn Yard, flyer below. I’ll be there.

2) Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Like PHB, Edward Sharpe has a very retro sound supported by a large number of band members. This LA troupe digs more into the 1970’s psychedelia then disco though, and are swiftly gaining a reputation for their moving and memorable shows. I saw them Friday at Mercury Lounge and was really blown away. They’ll be playing again on August 30th at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and trust me, it will sell out. “Home” gives me shivers, but make sure you also listen to “Janglin'” and “40 Day Dream,” their most popular songs, to get a feel for their sound.

Honorable Mentions:

Desire- “II” members of the Chromatics and Glass Candy (amongst others) compose this new electronic disco band. I guess Italians really DO do it better.

Cold Cave- “Love Comes Close” really defies classification. Just trust me on this one.

The Maccabees- “Wall of Arms” angsty English boys who can put on a damn fine show

And if you’d like to catch some of these tunes on the dancefloor…you best get yourself to my DJ set at Le Poisson Rouge August 20th.

xx O

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Hello friends!

Apologies for not posting in the last couple months. I’ve been busy working a variety of awesome projects; DJing and also assisting Julie Brooke Williams, an amazing stylist who’s just been signed with Exclusive Artists Management. You can check out some of her portfolio on their site, under “NY Stylists” Congratulations lady! I will have pictures up from the shoots as soon as I have ’em.

I’ll be spinning monthly at Le Poisson Rouge, and if you’re in NYC this weekend, will be playing the tunez at the Elridge for a private party Saturday. Email me if you’d like to come get down.

Now let’s get down to business.

If you know me, you know I love onesies. Rompers. Jumpsuits. Playsuits. Whatever you want to call them, I wear ’em all. It started because I was lazy, and loved being able to pick out a single item of clothing and be done with my outfit. Like everything I do (sigh) it caught on quickly and the romper phenomenon is in full effect this summer. Of course you can find a decent one at Forever21 or Oak, but I’ve tried hard to select only the cream of the crop for my collection.

To document my obsession I’ve enlisted the help of my good friend and aspiring sylist Emma Grunebaum. She took all the photos you’ll see here and gave me all the direction (the sailor stripe red piece with the stuffed animal and pigtails? Her call!). Thanks to Emma, again, for the shots.

I have a total of 21 pieces, 17 of which I’ve chosen to post here. Without further ado…

Bought this little number on Ebay. Reccomended wearing at MGMT concerts, or when you're in a really crowded place without a cell phone and need to find your friends.
Bought this little baby on Ebay. Recommended wearing: MGMT concert or when you’re in a really crowded place without a cell phone trying to find your friends. No, really, it works.

Found this at Gabay’s on 1st and 13th. I haggled and got it for $20. No tag.
This might be one of my earliest pieces. It’s by some European brand called “Eurythmics” or something but I can’t be sure, cause that shit is at the dry cleaners.
This is a leather number by Samantha Pleet. Pretty sure they didn’t produce it, but I picked it up before IHeart closed. Shout out to my lady Jill, who keeps the blog rolling @
Meow! This is another Ebay baby, vintage Fredrick’s of Hollywood. I was in a serious bidding war for it, the flame fanned by my friend Neil who threw down dollas for me to make sure it was mine.
Ebay. Seeing a pattern here? It’s from a store called Spanish Moss Vintage, and they have a separate online boutique here:
Ebay. Simple black batwing number.
Vintage lolita-esque sailor piece. Thanks to Chuckanucka for his cooperation during the shoot.
Vintage. Bought at one of my favorite vintage shops in Williamsburg who’s name I am hesitant to reveal. Hint: it’s run by tiny Japanese women.
Vintage mesh batwing with pockets. Recommended accessory: cotton candy.
Vintage french, a stellar find from Beacon’s Closet. Extra bonus: built in underwear! Score.
I bought this on Ebay when I was drunk and forgot but when I got the email that I had won “sexy 80’s strapless tiger print jumpsuit” I was sober and very glad.
Silk Sunner jumpsuit with ruffles. A steal at their last sample sale.
Topshop. Before they had one in NY. Can you call that “vintage”?
This is a disco classic. Vintage, worn with chain belt.
I got this on Ebay and didn’t realize it was coming from Newfoundland, Canada. It took three weeks to arrive, and I imagined it upon a large boat filled with Canadian rompers. Anyway, it finally got here and I was happy to wait cause this shit is bonkers.
My friend Erin snagged this for me at a closing sale for a costume/wardrobe company in Chelsea. Everything was sorted by genre/era which was awesome. Obviously, I hunkered down in the 70’s.

Stay tuned for my summer music recommendations!

Hugs and Kisses,


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Dark Night of the Soul

Though slated for release in July, there’s been a buzz surrounding the Sparklehorse/Danger Mouse collab for quite a while now. It was written and produced by the duo predominately, but also features an undeniabley impressive list of collaborators; Iggy Pop, The Flaming Lips, Frank Black (The Pixes), Suzanne Vega, Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), James Mercer (The Shins) and Scott Spilane (Neutral Milk Hotel). So suck it, (similarly named indie rock collaboration) Dark Was The Night.

The CD was to be packaged with a book of exclusive David Lynch photographs (which were to serve as a visual narrative of the music), hand numbered and released in a limited edition set.

The book will still be released as planned, though the included BLANK CD will state “For legal reasons, the enclosed CD-R contains no music. Use it as you will.” Why can’t they publicly release the music you ask? Good question…

The whole issue stems from Danger Mouse’s hugely sucessful “Grey Album,” a mash-up of the Beatles White Album and Jay Z’s Black Album. EMI, with whom Sparklehorse is signed, owns the rights to the Beatles work and was none to pleased when D.Mouse used their work without permission by EMI. By none to pleased I mean REALLY pissed… If Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse were to release the album they would risk being sued by EMI, and have thus had to include a blank CD with hopes that fans find alternative methods (cough cough) of locating and listening to the album.

NPR had just begun streaming it in entirety, and it’s also leaked online so I believe you can DL it through torrent, etc. It’s absolutely stunning and worth a listen through. Kiss my ass, EMI.

Dark Night of The Soul- NPR Stream

Dark Night Of The Soul Track List-
01 Revenge (w/ The Flaming Lips)
02 Just War (w/ Gruff Rhys)
03 Jaykub (w/ Jason Lytle)
04 Little Girl (w/ Julian Casablancas)
05 Angel’s Harp (w/ Frank Black)
06 Pain (w/ Iggy Pop)
07 Star Eyes (I Can’t Catch It) (w/ David Lynch)
08 Everytime I’m With You (w/ Jason Lytle)
09 Insane Lullaby (w/ James Mercer of The Shins)
10 Daddy’s Gone (w/ Nina Persson)
11 The Man Who Played God (w/ Suzanne Vega)
12 Grim Augury (w/ Vic Chestnutt)
13 Dark Night Of The Soul (w/ David Lynch)

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Coachella Style Shots

In New York, people say no when I ask to photograph them quite regularly. In California there was no such issue- everyone I asked was happy to pose for me and curious as to what the photos were for. Turns out the blatant superficiality of the crowd worked in my favor, this time: it was like shooting fish in a barrel.

One piece by Topshop

These two were shooting for a Japanese Style site.

Clutching her animal backpack and rocking the grunge 90’s revival look.

Just shows you, with the right fit an H&M dress can look like a million bucks.

Bra is vintage, she studded herself. Loved this.

x x x o

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Secret” Santos Show 4.12.09

Last night I went with Stella to the “secret” YYY show at Santos Party House. I put secret in quotations because nothing blogged about on Brooklyn Vegan is really “secret.” We got there around 8/8:30 and there was a small line outside of people waiting to buy tickets. Holler at that guest list, boo.

It was our second night in a row at Santos, seeing Blonde Acid Cult, Apache Beat and Violens the night before. Considering the amount of hype Violens have been receiving, I was pretty disappointed. Blonde Acid Cult, however, were great…my favorite track from them is definitely “Calypso.” Keep an eye on these young bucks.

It was my first time seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs live and it was everything I’d hoped for and more. Karen O is really a mystical creature, the way she moves, the way she looks, the way she yelps- it’s entrancing. She’s the true definition of star. And Brian Chase (drums) and Nick Zinner (base) are also fantastic. It’s really one of the best bands out there, and definitely one of the best new CD’s of the year…If you haven’t checked out “It’s Blitz” yet I suggest you do right now. Seeing them again next weekend at Coachella…BRING IT.

Was crowded as hell in Santos but tried to get a few shots in. Some are more blurry then others…was dancing uncontrollably for the entire show. Still, I kind of like them less sharp. Enjoy!

Taking it off.

Always smiling!

They played a bunch of old stuff mixed in with the new. I think my favorite track of the evening was “Down, Boy.”

Thanks for the amazing free show K.O!

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