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Illustrator Robert McGinnis

Stumbled across these photos and couldn’t get enough. Who doesn’t like naked women and guns?

I looked up McGinnis and found out he was a prolific illustrator of book covers and movie posters (including Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Barbarella and the original Bond films).

I love the absurdity of the scenarios and their retro style. Also I noticed many of the women have one shoe on…seems to be his disheveled archetype.

Also…it’s kind of fun to imagine captions.

Dude, the one in the green has a harpoon.


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Song of the Day

Comes from Crystal Stilts.

Have had this on repeat all week…reminds me of Joy Division, if they were from California.

You can listen to it here: Crystal Stilts- \”Crystal Stilts\”

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The Armory Show

Every year the art crowd gathers at the piers for the NY Armory show, the New Yorker’s Art Basel. I went yesterday with my mom to scope the scene. Aside from some ridiculous pieces (an 8 foot tall aluminum pirate sculpture, anything written in neon, and an instillation of large rocks from a German artist) the crowd seemed interested and excited. Here’s what I liked:

I like the juxtaposition of the traditional medium with the pot/gun motif.

A lot of taxidermy this year.

The best dressed award definitely goes to the men. I only took a couple photos of women!

Neon Birdcage

Cow on lion on vulture on peacock.

I loved this artist. The series was in pink (girls) and blue (boys) and featured kids from all over the world.

green velveteen doc's

The Armory show is at Pier 94 and 92 and runs thru Sunday the 7th!

x x O

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This was definitely the most fun show ever. The Blonds are an awesome design duo that creates costumes for Rihanna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga…you get the idea. It’s totally unwearable, 100% over the top and fucking awesome. Julie, Paul and I sat front row and soaked in all the tranny goodness. The only thing that could have made this better would’ve been a Ru Paul sighting.

Liked the unique color of this jacket.


I like the rounded edge of his jacket.

Bedazzled Epaulets.

Guests at the show.

Forget what this dudes name is, but I think he's a fashion journalist.

Amanda Lepore looking modest as usual.

Show opened with this Gorilla...

One of the designers strips the suit off to open the show.

Red thigh high louboutin boots. Aggressive.

Note the spiked shoulders.




These shoulders are made of stuffed lions. NBD.


And she didn't even trip!

Get it girl.

Backstage makeup/look

Backstage crowd

This was such a fun show. Thanks to Julie for getting me in! Loved every trannylicious second.

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NYFW Winter 2010

Welcome to the new blog, now hosted by WordPress. Much easier for me to use, though unfortunately I’ve lost some of the content from Musecrafters during the transfer. If you want to check anything older you don’t see here, you can still go to to see previous posts. If you’d like me to link you’re site, comment here and I’ll add it to my list.

I was lucky enough to latch onto Julie for a day of shows during New York Fashion Week. The photos below are from Karen Walker, Band of Outsiders and Suno plus a few random things thrown in.

Outside Karen Walker

Karen Walker

Excuse me, are those Proenza?

Love her red velvet studded cape

Milk's Schedule

Band of Outsider

Fur everything. Everywhere. Example 1.

See that bob? It's Anna Wintour's bob!

It's Brad! Rachel Zoe's adorable assistant. But what's up with these insane fur gloves?! (Example 2)

SUNO! Surprise awesome of the day.

PLATFORMS. One of my obsessions for Spring (the other is Bloomers...not necessarily together).

More Suno. Very disco M.I.A.

Milk nailed it this year, and I can’t wait to see what they do in the Spring! Hope you enjoy my new blog layout and looking forward to posting more very soon!


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