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Twin Sister

I’m loving this band right now. I also have a total girl crush on the singer- she’s mesmerizing to watch. I saw them play at Mercury Lounge earlier this month, and am hoping to catch them again at CMJ.

You can download a bunch of their songs on their blog.

My favorite track right now is “All Around & Away We Go” – looks like a fan has made an impromptu video for it:

My good friend and extremely talented designer Sena also used one of their songs in a video following the production of her 2010 Lookbook. Featuring makeup by the beautiful Erin Green.

Their new album, Color Your Life, was released in March. You can see a few live videos on Pitchfork.


x O


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Miuccia says…

Fur for spring/summer!!

Sorry PETA. 😦

I don’t know why I find the idea of fur in the spring so appealing. Maybe it’s because it’s perfect for my sleeveless Fitch vest (a Scandinavian version of a mink/ferret). I wish these were vintage, but I wouldn’t say no if someone wanted to get me a present…

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I recently logged onto Amazon to order the new Jonathan Franzen book, Freedom (very good btw) and was recommended to check out Maripol: Little Red Riding Hood. Damn you Amazon, you know my taste. I had to get it.

It’s a big, heavy brand new book produced with Marc Jacobs. Maripol has just launched a collaboration with MJ designing accessories for his stores. If you’ve never heard her name before- Maripol invented Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” look, sparking a world wide style craze.

The book is an autobiography by the French born stylist-creative director-producer-designer-artist-muse Maripol, who moved to NYC at 19 in 1976. The book is a comprised of her sketches, notes, inspiration and some descriptive text sprinkled throughout. There are polaroids of her friends and clients; Madonna, Debbie Harry, Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Grace Jones- some of which she’s etched or scribbled on.

As the art director of Fiorruci (a store referred to as the “daytime Studio 54”) she was able to launch her own jewelry line, characterized by rubber bracelets, cross iconography and day glo colors. You can find many of these reissued now at Marc Jacobs (who was a big fan of Fiorruci in the 1980’s to come full circle).

Maripol still lives in NYC in the same loft in SoHo for the last thirty years…a true icon! I highly recommend checking out the book, or coming over to read mine 🙂

x O


Maripol with Madonna



Grace Jones, Debbie Harry, and more.



A vintage Fiorucci swimsuit. For reference.



Grace Jones in Maripol's signature jewelry



Maripol today.


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Of Montreal

Went to the Friday performance at Terminal 5 with Janelle Monae expecting a good show but not realizing it would be one of the most awesome performances I’ve seen in my entire concert going career.

What’s cool about this show was that all the costumes and props (though awesome) weren’t necessary to make it good. Just the band (aided by front man Kevin Barnes’ dance moves) would have been more than sufficient.

Just when I thought it was all over, Barnes busted back on stage in sequin hot pants (yes) to do a mini series of Michael Jackson covers (double yes). A big thank you to Nicolas, my good friend touring on keyboard/guitar/vocals/drums (so basically, everything) with Of Montreal.

If you haven’t had the chance, try to catch these guys on tour in the US and Europe in the coming months. You will not regret it!

Janelle Monae proved a pleasant surprise. Girl can sing.

Booty shot!

My favorite.


Nicolas showing some moves

Full disclosure: A lot of people don’t know this, but I consider a Two Live Crew gig in Rochester I saw four years ago to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen (I mean). This show definitely rivaled if not topped. Thanks again to the Of Montreal crew for a great night!

x x O

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NYFW S/S 2011

Some things I saw:

Badass Sling / Milk Penthouse / LNA Afterparty w Gang Gang Dance

Shiny Louboutins / Jeffrey / Fashion Night Out

Jewelry Designer / Jeffrey / FNO

Not sure why this girl is dating the guy behind her, but I could come up with a few guesses.

An amazing dress @ Jeffrey

Julie at Amarcord for FNO

A dapper pair / Lafayette St.

Pamela Love presentation / Milk Studio

Illustrations @ Pamela Love

Peter Jensen

Samantha Pleet

My favorite dress @ Samantha Pleet

Bliss Lau accessories / Samantha Pleet presentation

Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Don Hills

Karen O

Just a glimpse into the week, since I’m still trying to get better shooting at night and was only able to attend events in the evening (full time job, y’all). Even though I don’t work in fashion anymore- or least not  in the same capacity, fashion week is completely exhausting and I’m happy it’s over. Until February at least…

That’s a wrap!

x O

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Little Bit

A couple random shots I found while cleaning up the archives…figured I should get these posted before doing the mega NYFW edit later on this week.


Miss Hannah @ No Age/Lightning Bolt show.

Hannah's cute lady bug nails!

Spotted @ BK Flea

Awesome romper

Lots of All Saints

Girl crush to the maxxx


Sometimes less is more. Spotted outside Milk.

Gang Gang Dance, LNA Afterparty @ Milk

Wish I hadn't accidentally cropped out her cutie Miu Miu knock offs.

Love a man in a suit on a motorcycle!

Much much more to come…

Bissous x O

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Goodbye Summer

Here are some shots from my last week in Maine for the summer, before headed back to New York for what will surely be a busy fall (and this Fashion Week thing people keep talking about…).

Will have photos from NYFW coming next, so stay tuned!

E.B White based Charlotte's Web on The Blue Hill Fair, which happens at Labor Day every year.

I love the caps on his horns


America, fuck yeah.

The lone rider


Sally in the forest

Sunflowers on the farm my friend is working on this summer in Brooks, ME.

Can you spot the frog?


More  to come shortly….!

x x O

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