Pitchfork, Take Two

This was my second year at Pitchfork Festival, which takes place at Union Park. It’s one of my favorite festivals because it’s never too crowded, the bathrooms are always clean, there’s good food and of course an excellent lineup. Some highlights from this year: The best Animal Collective performance I’ve seen (and I’ve seen quite a few), discovering Sun Airway, Twin Sister (twice), the amount of weed smoked at Curren$y, Guided By Voices, and the entire Deerhunter set.

I also took photos for StyleCaster, if fashion is your bag: http://www.stylecaster.com/fashion/14202/pitchfork-festival-style-modern-hippies-in-midwest

I had fun documenting the my little pony hair trend- it HAS reached the Midwest and I do believe it’s here to stay. Flip through the slideshow for some examples (#1 of course exemplified by Andrea of Twin Sister, who busted out a knee length turquoise wig on Day 3).

Here’s how it went down:


Lizzi Bougatsos / Gang Gang Dance


Insert blunt emoticon here

John Maus opening for Twin Sister / After Party

Cut Copy

Twin Sister / Backstage


GBV are some badass dudes.

The red crew in VIP, featuring half of White Mystery.


Then it was over which was very sad and so me and DT went to the aquarium to cheer ourselves up.

These rays were very Marc Jacobs S/S 11.


PS. Don’t forget that I caved and have a tumblr now: http://thebigohh.tumblr.com/ Follow me n stuff.

x O


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  1. is good artikel Thank you so much , Adwin

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