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The Shows

SXSW is a veritable smorgasbord of music- there are shows at auditoriums, in bars, back yards, street corners, churches, alley ways, hotel rooms…pretty much anywhere you can think of at every second of the day. I landed on Wednesday evening and headed straight out to Duran Duran (girls on film! the chauffeur! hungry like a wolf!), but the surprise highlight of the week may have been Austra who opened for the Kills at the Domino Records showcase. These girls have moves, and I’m quite sure everyone (and I do mean everyone) fell in love that night. Definitely keep an eye our for these Toronto up and comers and take a listen to their album.

Below are some of my personal highlights:

Simon Le Bon!


Weekend playing at the Insound showcase

Ariel Pink

Twin Shadow!!

Pitchfork x Christianity

James. Blake.

Big Freeeeeeeedia

Dancer @ Big Freedia

Alison Mosshart of The Kills



Kurt Vile

Dan Deacon at StyleCaster

Hunx and His Punx

Soft Moon

man man

Erykah Badu

Tim of the Fresh and Onlys

My only regret is not getting to see more of Austin on this whirlwind trip. I’ll definitely be heading back soon for a proper tour…and perhaps some serious vintage shopping. Stay tuned for SXSW Street Style!

x O x


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At Siege’s Mardi Gras birthday party a couple weekends ago I met a sweet lovely boy named Paul from Austin, Texas. Paul was in town for a bunch of Christeene shows, his performance moniker. I heard Christeene was a crazy ass bitch, but after meeting him out of character I was convinced it couldn’t be too raunchy.

I was wrong.

Christeene being carried out by his dancers

I liked it so nice, I saw Christeene twice.

Ass Up

Ass Down

Both shows were with Big Freedia, who I think actually showed less ass than Christeene (no easy feat). As she would say; WURK DAT STANKHOLE GIRRRLLL. You killed it! Make sure to come back to see us in NYC real soon.

Want some more (you dirty whore)? Check out the video below:

Stay tuned for more images from SXSW, coming soon!

x O x

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Georgia Weekender

Went down to Athens Friday night for a show organized by Henry of Chunklet Magazine featuring Man…or Astro-Man? at the 40 Watt club. Soundscreen Design did a limited edition 7″ record for the event to celebrate Touchable Sound, our new book on rare, DIY and underground 7″ design. You can check out images of the packaging (which included an old computer circuit board) on Chunket’s site, linked above.

Fiend Without a Face opened, feat. Brent Hinds of Mastodon

Man...or Astro-Man!?!

Saturday night was another amazing time with the Of Montreal gang at Variety in ATL.

Kevin and his adorable daughter backstage before the show

Stage Antics


Onesies. Lots and lots of onesies.

Sunday Soundcheck

Of Montreal has never disappointed me with their live shows. Such a talented group of musicians and always a great performance…not to mention an all around stellar group of people.

Thanks to everyone for the good times!


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I think I’m done posting photos on Facebook. Except the inspiration album. Don’t worry, that one’ll stay. 🙂

Here are some photos from the last few weeks.

Grandfather CD Release @ Cameo

Mystery Jets @ Mercury Lounge

Jew York, New York


A gang of army (Sunny's backyard)

Please punch me in the face if my hair gets this long.

Elliot with Nick, DJing at the Insound Pop Up Shop


Crisp, clear fall day in NYC

Caitlin and Henry

Golden Blair

Stay tuned for my picks from Paris, Milan, NY and London Fashion Week. Or head over to my friend Julie’s flickr to live vicariously through her front row snaps: And coming soon, I’ll have some real live published articles! I am psyched to share with you all shortly.

x O x

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Twin Sister

I’m loving this band right now. I also have a total girl crush on the singer- she’s mesmerizing to watch. I saw them play at Mercury Lounge earlier this month, and am hoping to catch them again at CMJ.

You can download a bunch of their songs on their blog.

My favorite track right now is “All Around & Away We Go” – looks like a fan has made an impromptu video for it:

My good friend and extremely talented designer Sena also used one of their songs in a video following the production of her 2010 Lookbook. Featuring makeup by the beautiful Erin Green.

Their new album, Color Your Life, was released in March. You can see a few live videos on Pitchfork.


x O

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Of Montreal

Went to the Friday performance at Terminal 5 with Janelle Monae expecting a good show but not realizing it would be one of the most awesome performances I’ve seen in my entire concert going career.

What’s cool about this show was that all the costumes and props (though awesome) weren’t necessary to make it good. Just the band (aided by front man Kevin Barnes’ dance moves) would have been more than sufficient.

Just when I thought it was all over, Barnes busted back on stage in sequin hot pants (yes) to do a mini series of Michael Jackson covers (double yes). A big thank you to Nicolas, my good friend touring on keyboard/guitar/vocals/drums (so basically, everything) with Of Montreal.

If you haven’t had the chance, try to catch these guys on tour in the US and Europe in the coming months. You will not regret it!

Janelle Monae proved a pleasant surprise. Girl can sing.

Booty shot!

My favorite.


Nicolas showing some moves

Full disclosure: A lot of people don’t know this, but I consider a Two Live Crew gig in Rochester I saw four years ago to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen (I mean). This show definitely rivaled if not topped. Thanks again to the Of Montreal crew for a great night!

x x O

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New Music- Jaill

I’m expecting big things from these newly Sub Pop signed Milwaukee based Jaill. Their second full legnth was released on July 27th and it’s been on repeat in the office since. If you like good old rock n roll, you’ll probably like Jaill.

They’re on tour with the Hold Steady now with no NYC dates in the next couple of months. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they make their way here this winter.

Check out their myspace:

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