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The Shows

SXSW is a veritable smorgasbord of music- there are shows at auditoriums, in bars, back yards, street corners, churches, alley ways, hotel rooms…pretty much anywhere you can think of at every second of the day. I landed on Wednesday evening and headed straight out to Duran Duran (girls on film! the chauffeur! hungry like a wolf!), but the surprise highlight of the week may have been Austra who opened for the Kills at the Domino Records showcase. These girls have moves, and I’m quite sure everyone (and I do mean everyone) fell in love that night. Definitely keep an eye our for these Toronto up and comers and take a listen to their album.

Below are some of my personal highlights:

Simon Le Bon!


Weekend playing at the Insound showcase

Ariel Pink

Twin Shadow!!

Pitchfork x Christianity

James. Blake.

Big Freeeeeeeedia

Dancer @ Big Freedia

Alison Mosshart of The Kills



Kurt Vile

Dan Deacon at StyleCaster

Hunx and His Punx

Soft Moon

man man

Erykah Badu

Tim of the Fresh and Onlys

My only regret is not getting to see more of Austin on this whirlwind trip. I’ll definitely be heading back soon for a proper tour…and perhaps some serious vintage shopping. Stay tuned for SXSW Street Style!

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At Siege’s Mardi Gras birthday party a couple weekends ago I met a sweet lovely boy named Paul from Austin, Texas. Paul was in town for a bunch of Christeene shows, his performance moniker. I heard Christeene was a crazy ass bitch, but after meeting him out of character I was convinced it couldn’t be too raunchy.

I was wrong.

Christeene being carried out by his dancers

I liked it so nice, I saw Christeene twice.

Ass Up

Ass Down

Both shows were with Big Freedia, who I think actually showed less ass than Christeene (no easy feat). As she would say; WURK DAT STANKHOLE GIRRRLLL. You killed it! Make sure to come back to see us in NYC real soon.

Want some more (you dirty whore)? Check out the video below:

Stay tuned for more images from SXSW, coming soon!

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San Francisco

Some captures from my trip over the holidays. Featuring Maggie and Todd, my gracious hosts.


Overexposed but you get the idea..

Golden Gate Park

Ducks! Lots and lots of ducks.


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Goodbye Summer

Here are some shots from my last week in Maine for the summer, before headed back to New York for what will surely be a busy fall (and this Fashion Week thing people keep talking about…).

Will have photos from NYFW coming next, so stay tuned!

E.B White based Charlotte's Web on The Blue Hill Fair, which happens at Labor Day every year.

I love the caps on his horns


America, fuck yeah.

The lone rider


Sally in the forest

Sunflowers on the farm my friend is working on this summer in Brooks, ME.

Can you spot the frog?


More  to come shortly….!

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