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At Siege’s Mardi Gras birthday party a couple weekends ago I met a sweet lovely boy named Paul from Austin, Texas. Paul was in town for a bunch of Christeene shows, his performance moniker. I heard Christeene was a crazy ass bitch, but after meeting him out of character I was convinced it couldn’t be too raunchy.

I was wrong.

Christeene being carried out by his dancers

I liked it so nice, I saw Christeene twice.

Ass Up

Ass Down

Both shows were with Big Freedia, who I think actually showed less ass than Christeene (no easy feat). As she would say; WURK DAT STANKHOLE GIRRRLLL. You killed it! Make sure to come back to see us in NYC real soon.

Want some more (you dirty whore)? Check out the video below:

Stay tuned for more images from SXSW, coming soon!

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